What's it all about?

Cloud Cuckoo World is an interactive learning tool to support the delivery of the Key Stage 2 non statutory framework for Languages both at school and at home.

Our dual language stories cover the QCDA suggested topics for primary school children and aim to provide an accessible introduction to languages for children from 4 years upwards. Incorporating old fashioned storytelling in an online interactive environment, the stories engage and immerse children in a new language experience and help to foster an early enthusiasm for foreign language.

Developed by sister teachers, Sara and Louise Mason, Cloud Cuckoo is a fun, interactive website which encourages independent learning, either within a classroom environment to support formal teaching, or at home.

The series has a number of aims:

  • To act as an introduction to foreign languages for primary aged children, allowing them to become increasingly familiar with the sounds and written form of a new language
  • To present languages as fun and accessible with an everyday relevance
  • To increase children’s confidence in using new language
  • To support non specialist teachers in the delivery of good quality MFL teaching
  • To support parents who wish to develop their child’s interest in foreign languages

How will it achieve this?

  • By allowing children to make comparisons between a foreign language and English
  • By concentrating on key vocabulary and phrases and employing repetition as a useful tool in language learning
  • By presenting language in bite size chunks
  • By utilising audio resources to aid correct pronunciation