Our stories have been written to be read and enjoyed by 4 – 11 year olds. They have also been closely linked to the QCDA scheme of work for Key Stage 2 languages. This can be viewed here:  

Some of the stories are very closely linked to particular units as detailed below.
Where lists of vocabulary are of importance we have developed Cloud Cuckoo Places. We hope you find the following descriptions helpful.

  • Toco the Toucan - Unit 1 Moi (Family members.)
  • Mr Malakin - Unit 1 Moi & Unit 4 Portraits (Body parts. Asking how someone is and saying how you feel. Numbers 1 – 10.)
  • The Puffin Twins - Unit 2 Jeux et chansons (Classroom games and activities, asking about favourite games, expressing preferences, likes and dislikes, numbers 1 – 20.)
  • Gwendolen - Unit 3 Celebrations (Asking and saying when birthdays are, birthday and party activities. Saying what you are good at.)
  • Valentino Unit 6 and Unit 7 (Expressing likes and dislikes. Types of fruit, days of the week, colours.)
  • Reuben The RobinUnit 7 On y Va (Weather, packing for holidays, clothing, colours, transport.)
  • Rosabel goes shoppingUnit 8 L'argent de poche (Pocket money, expressing desire to buy something, asking the cost.)
  • Cosmo The Cockrell - Telling the time, and asking the time. Hours, half past, quarter too, quarter past.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Olympics – Unit 10 Vive le sport (Sporting activities and pastimes. Healthy versus non healthy lifestyles. Also days on the week.)
  • Unit 11 Le Carnaval des animaux - Visit the Zoo
  • Finlay The Dinobird – – Unit 12 Quel temps fait-il? & Unit 17 Les quatre saisons (Seasons, description of seasons and types of weather.)
  • Jack FlapUnit 12 Quel temps fait-il? (Seasons, types of clothing for different weather.)
  • Percival PeacockUnit 13 Bon appétit (Instructions for cooking and ingredients.)
  • Eric the EmuUnit 14 Instruments Je suis le musicien (Types of music and musical instruments.)
  • Bob CottonUnit 15 En route pour l'école (Directions, landmarks in town.)
  • Vincent Unit 16 Scène de plage (Beach vocabulary, colours.)
  • Unit 18 Les planètes (The planets.)
  • Unit 19 Notre école - Visit the school
  • Sweep The SwampbirdUnit 20 Notre monde (Environments, description of places, geography.)
  • Tigra The TigerbirdUnit 20 Notre monde (Rivers of the world.)
  • Unit 21 Monter un café (Creating a café)… Visit the café
  • Unit 22 Le passé et le présent - Visit the High Street.
  • Velma the VultureUnit 23 Au parc d'attractions (Fairground attractions, asking for tickets, money.)
  • Oakey the OwlUnit 24 Quoi de neuf? (Types of news and newspaper articles. Expressing likes and dislikes.)