Using the Olympics to encourage language learning

With the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner, now is a perfect time to get children interested in different languages and cultures. For many children, this major sporting event will be the first time they have been exposed to the huge diversity of cultural identities. From the flags and spectacle of the opening ceremony to the national anthems of winning athletes, students will be caught up in the excitement of an international arena.

So how can teachers and parents use the Olympics to spark an interest in languages? Here are five handy tips to get you started.

1) Encourage students to pick a favourite event and research the nationalities of the key athletes. Where did they grow up and what is their mother tongue? What is life in their home town like?

2) Use the opening ceremony to see how many flags children can identify. Create a class collage of flags of competing nations. Students could add to the collage with words from the country, national foods or dress, or cut out images from newspapers when each country features in the press.

3) Ask children to research the rules of each race or event. Identify key imperatives and practice using them in games lessons.

4) Ask students to create their own set winners’ medals with different languages’ words for Gold, Silver and Bronze.

5) And finally, for more ideas, listen to Linford and the Cloud Cuckoo Olympics to further engage children in the French language!

The Olympics really are a positive event to enhance childrens’ awareness of the world so get stuck in and enjoy the events!